enjoying my weird

Within the course of 24 hours, three people whom I love very much commented on the fact that I am "weird".  Weird.  What? What do you mean weird...compared to WHAT?  Well, the good news is that this kind of weird in two of the three opinions are favorable.  That weird means "not boring", diverse, memorable.  I like that - I never felt like I ever fit the cookie-cutter mold of the rest of the drone population.  I always opted for the different career, the different look, the different activity.  Not because I tried, because it's who I am and that's okay.

The other weird description was hurtful, but not because it's about me, but more because it's about the person who made the comment.  What I've learned is that it is less about me and more about their inability to communicate, choosing instead to be cruel instead of honest.  I'm incredibly sad about it, but it'll be okay.

What's even more interesting is that after spending the day at NAMM (the big music industry trade show) I blended in and suddenly my weird was everyone's normal.  It felt good and I felt like I had landed on a planet that knew me.  Then I popped two ibuprofen and a strong cup of coffee - millions of people and the noise in the drumming room about pushed me over the edge, but I loved every single stinkin' moment.

Weird?  I'll show you weird.
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book it dano

huh.  Hotwire came through for me yesterday while booking a trip to Vegas for February.  I've used it in the past and really have no complaints, but it's a bit nerveracking clicking "BOOK IT" when you don't know what you're really signing up for other then the price and some details....But, we got lucky - the incredibly cheap, cheap, cheap room rate got us booked at the Wynn!  NOT TOO SHABBY.

This is a trip to see Motley Crue at the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel (thanks Courtney - your gift rocks!).  I've only been to Vegas once during the winter months and it just doesn't feel right unless it's 150 degrees outside. 
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joy vs. lame

JOY.  It is true.  STOP exhausting yourself trying to make others joyful - do what you do best and in it you will feel most joyful.
JOY.  It is true.  A month containing live shows from Motley Crue, Cheap Trick and Oasis made me very joyful (see above!)

NOT JOY.  It is true.  Getting yelled at over an ink cartridge.  Really?  REALLY? 
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I suppose it's too late to unscramble my DNA and stop making me early and on time for absolutely everyone and everything in my world.  I should have started keeping score decades ago.  I imagine the amount of time I've waited on others could have bought me some constructive time doing lots of other things.  God Bless those who are late.  Not that they accomplish more mind you.  It just takes less time to say "Sorry I'm late" then the time it takes thinking "#@!&^% - they're late again!"

Frozen yogurt still rocks after all these years.

Speaking of rocks, The Young Dubliners TOTALLY ROCKED The Coach House Friday night!  Keeping in mind they used borrowed equipment due to having ALL their stuff, including merchandise, stolen outside of their hotel in Barstow...these guys are Pros with a Capital P and I will go see them anytime/anywhere/(and drag)everyone with me.

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i'm glad i ignored mama and came anyway

Thank you, Cory Wells, for always being the gracious man that you are.  You never fail to give this girl her 15 seconds of fame which truly shows what a magnificent man you have always been.

Thank you, Danny Hutton, for still being as handsome as ever and showing us that not all Irish men are short, chubby and balding. 

Thank you, Chuck Negron, for reminding us that your absence is always missed and memories, always cherished.

Thank you, Michael Allsup - your dedication, your talent - you are an icon through the decades.

Thank you, Jimmy Greenspoon, for recovery.  The keyboards would be nothing without you at the helm.

Thank you, Floyd Sneed.  You're truly missed but never forgotten.  King Solomon's Mines Lives!

Thank you, Joe Schermie.  You left this earth too soon, but your passion remains and you are immortal in our hearts.

Three Dog Night

My idols
My employer
My friends
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how to get to Chicago in 2008

 The route:  LAX to Orange County to Salt Lake City to Atlanta to Knoxville to the Car Rental through Kentucky, Indiana and then Illinois and the final destination: Chicago U.S.A.

The reason:  Flying stand-by on passes in today's frightful airline nerousis

The solution to get home: Last minute and many $$$ later ------> a direct flight home

The victims: Courtney and Holly

The story:  Will survive many social circles and a lifetime
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"...i'm filling a hole where the rain came in...."

The eye of the storm exists somewhere in my deep psyche.  I try to fill it up with chocolate chips and cookie edges and frosting and the outsides of candy bars and it hasn't felt full enough since at least 1962.  Before that I can't remember.

I've often asked...do I purposely walk into the storm?  Does feeling bad feel safe and familiar?  Or am I just weary from being everything I think I should be - to everyone (except me?).  I wasn't present for life's most valuable lessons.  I was too busy rehearsing how to ask.

Sleep and summer's bright morning sunshine is the best medicine in the world.  Or CT or da Crue. 

Ramblings of separation anxiety.  My hell, defined.
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"...we are, we are the Saints of Los Angeles...."


Love me - love my rock stars.  Last night was CRUEFEST featuring:

TRAPT:  Awesome - love them!
SIXX A.M.: Tight, emotional set with vocals that are phenomenal
PAPA ROACH:  Great show, but out of all the bands...the one in which I took the bathroom/get drinks/wander break...well?
BUCKCHERRY:  Lead singer is a superb frontman!  
MOTLEY CRUE:  My Boys!  Hey, they all need naps before the show these days, but hell, they pack 'em in and still rock the crap out of the place.  Pyrotechnics, big lights, long flowing hair - HEAVEN HAS CLAIMED ME!  And, my heart swells for Mick Mars who, despite a crippling, degenerative bone disease, can still shred better then ever.  

Oh, and Nikki Sixx....well, 'nuff said.  THANK YOU.  And to Vince Neil, who gave me a place to immortalize all of this history.

Cheap Trick, opening for Heart and Journey, is now a memory of three weeks ago....it's rare, however, that I'd actually see my two favorite bands within a month of one another so that in itself helped smooth some otherwise rocky days inbetween.

Now on to Three Dog Night (former employers of mine) and The Young Dubliners at the end of August!  I cannot imagine me without my music.  And, neither can anyone else.
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white things

I am a horrible patient - I know way too much.  This is what you become by default by being in the medical field.  So, I get to have this THING that is sitting on my gum, over a back molar, biopsied on Wednesday.   My anxiety-riddened mind has set the scene for every scary scenario that it possibly can.  And the more each person says "don't worry!  it's probably nothing!" makes the pit in my stomach travel deeper.  In the meantime I am surrounded by dozens whose dental histories are much worse then mine could even dream to be.  WTF?!

So, I suppose I will soon believe sleep is highly overrated.  At least until my results come back. 
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what was that

For lack of laziness, I just sat through an HBO comedy special that featured Bob Saget and his $#*&^@ routine.  This guy has got some serious esteem issues with the years he spent on Full House and hosting America's Funniest Home Videos.  Hey, Bob, you paid the bills, right, and it afforded you the leisure to write this pseudo-stand up routine - don't knock it buddy.  Then again, I did sit through the entire hour.  Well, and there you go.

HBO will also be running all of George Carlin's shows through the weekend.  I'm thrilled, as is my DVR, although I hate the reason they're running them.

Countdown to Cheap Trick:  19 days
Countdown to Motley Crue:   34 days
Countdown to Three Dog Night: (you heard me!)  57 days

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